Paint your flag for peace!

Our COLORS FOR PEACE art festival is designed to bring people together and to stimulate ideas and critical discussions that address peace and the lack of peace, while supporting 2 aid organizations working for young people, including those from war zones.


On the one hand the "Friedensdorf International" in Oberhausen and on the other the "Pavel Children Foundation".


It should be a cheerful celebration for all Rhenser citizens, all artists and all visitors are organized. It should take place annually!


We want to make our city Rhens more well-known, which in addition to the coronation of Charles IV and many historical aspects, will now also be associated with artistic, political and cultural commitment. In this way, with the involvement of interesting partners, further suggestions for tourism, ecological and economic activities in the city of Rhens and in the region Middle Rhine are to be created.


However, ART focuses on being alive and colorful - for watching, participating and discussing. It's not just about trends in contemporary art, but about creativity and diversity.

Art is shown by hundreds of artists and committed participants on / with white, about 1 x 3 m large flag fabrics. These are provided at short notice, printed (logos), sent and then painted / designed by the participants.

An outdoor event that uses about 2.5 km of Rhine facilities for art, dialogue and entertainment.


Part of the revenue and 10% from the proceeds of the sold artworks will support the 2 aid projects.

In addition, three outstanding works by the participating artists will be judged and awarded by an international jury as part of the art competition.